Friday, April 24, 2009

Me? a blogger?

Yeah I may have crossed into the dark side here, making anything to put my thoughts on the Internet for everyone to see. I'm not someone who's really into that I'll admit, I don't even have a facebook but it was recommended that I set this up as a heads up to my future career.

I made this as a way to express my thoughts as well as an outlet for my artwork. I hope doing that will not only help me improve my skills, but make it much easier for me to find a job when the time comes that I need to look for one. Supposedly prospective employers will want to see my artwork, and something like this is a little more professional then giving them my Deviantart address. I'll probably still upload stuff there, but considering that I will be transferring schools to BYU Idaho relatively soon, that may be put on hold. I'm not totally sure, but if youtube is filtered on their campus Internet, chances are deviantart is as well.

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